Wild Mom

wild mom

I'm 30 now, but I've been masturbating ever since I was 22. It all began one day after reading online that there was nothing wrong with masturbation. I'd been wondering if it was okay to do it and was worried that something bad would happen to me if I did it. Upon reading the good news that it was ok to masturbate and that I was normal for doing it, I began to experiment. Every night for nearly a month, I went to bed with no panties on. I spread my legs and set out to rub my clit as hard as I could. Nothing happened. Some nights I would get myself so wet, and would take my hairbrush handle and fuck my pussy with it. Still, nothing happened.

Shortly before another birthday, one afternoon, I was home alone. I took off all my clothes and sat at my computer butt-naked, surfing the net for masturbation techniques and porn, determined to get myself off. One technique really caught my eye: humping a tower of pillows while rubbing your nipples. So I stacked my three pillows on top of each other and climbed up onto them. I also tucked one of my bean bag animals between my pussy lips for extra stimulation. I rocked back and forth for what seemed like an eternity to make myself cum. I couldn't concentrate on my nipples as I had to hold myself up on my arms, which hurt. Finally, just as I was about to give up, I felt the orgasm building up within me and decided to keep going. Within a few more seconds, I had my first orgasm. It felt... So... Damn... Good. I almost fell off my tower of pillows when it was over. Later on that day, I was alone again briefly. I decided to grab my little massager and put it between my pussy lips as I rode my pillows again. The orgasm that resulted was just as powerful as the first. After that day, I continued to use my massager almost every day and night.

One saturday, I was home alone for most of the day, and I came seven times! I nearly wore out my poor little massager ;) somehow, I just couldn't cum using my fingers. I gave up on fingering myself... For a while at least. A few months later, during spring break, one night I was in bed when I got really horny and decided to try using my fingers. For 2 1/2 hours, there I lay, rubbing my clit almost endlessly. I finally gave up when nothing happened and went to sleep.

Two nights later, however... I wasn't at it very long when it happened. I lay there and rubbed myself until I came all over my fingers. Ahh, the relief I felt when it finally happened. From that point on, I would either use my massager or my fingers. Unfortunately, I ended up breaking the massager one day during an intense masturbation session. I have since gotten another one. It works wonders, even though I don't use it as much as I used to.

Nowadays, I just use my fingers. I have tried humping pillows and other stuff, but it just doesn't do it for me like using my fingers. I also like to fuck my pussy on occasion. I mostly use my right index or middle finger to do that. I used to use a hairbrush handle. I've tried one of those long, skinny candles, pens, and a keychain that was apppropriately shaped to stick up my pussy. It's skinny and about 4 inches long with a ball-shaped part on one end of it. That end goes in first ;) one day, I'd like to have a real dildo. I'm still living with my mom so I can't have anything like that right now; I just know she'd hit the ceiling if she found out I wanted something like that, or that I've been masturbating for over two years now. I don't think she has a clue :) I'm going to keep on playing with myself and nobody can tell me to stop. It's not like I'm going to get pregnant or catch a nasty std doing it. Ooooooooohh... Writing this has gotten me so horny... Think i'll go do somethin' about it ;)

Rita - 30

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