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My husband and I sort of fell into swinging a few months ago when a couple of old college friends approached us about it. I considered us pretty adventurous in bed, we watch porn and have role-play sex and have talked about threesomes and orgies from time to time but never considered it seriously. But these friends are really cool and good looking and we figured if we are ever going to try it, now was the time.

It was awesome for three months, we would get together almost every week and have sex for hours on end, fall asleep together, and wake up in the morning for more. But little by little the wife started to drift apart from the three of us, opting to watch instead. She insisted that everything was ok and that she preferred to watch, once in a while she would have sex with her hubby in front of us or give my husband oral sex.

I on the other hand I have become a little slut. I love having my two lovers shower me with attention, put their hands all over me, grab at me, and then caress me. I love feeling their hot breath on my neck and I love feeling their cocks get hard. I had even turned to swallowing their sperm, which I couldn't stand before, and I still don't like the taste, but wow does it make me hot to see their faces when I take them in my mouth and swallow their seed, what a turn on.

The last time we were together was a little over a month ago. They came over just like they had been been over the last few months. We always do something casual like go out to dinner or go see a movie all the while flirting and talking about what's to come later. When the excitement has built up to a boil we get naked and fuck, that's how it usually worked. This night was no exception.

We sat down to watch a baseball game and we girls were serving our men snacks and drinks. I get really bored watching baseball so about an hour in I sat in between the two boys and took my shorts and panties off. I spread my legs for them and they started playing with me. I started getting really horny playing with them over their pants and feeling them get hard. I would much rather play with their penises than watch boring baseball so I got down on my knees and pulled their cocks out and started taking turns sucking each. I played, kissed, licked and sucked both guys for about 45 minutes and then within 5 minutes of each other both exploded in my mouth. I made eye contact with them as I swallowed every last drop of them, then I squeezed their cocks dry, licking what was left from the tips of their cocks.

My husband then wanted to please me so he laid me down on the couch and I rested my head on our friends lap, holding his now flaccid penis in my hand. My husband went down on me, I was so wet. All the while the wife just sat next to her husband and watched, I asked if she wanted to join me, but she politely refused. As I lay on her husband's lap getting tongued by my hubby, she even stroked my hair and also scratched her hubby's testicles while I jacked off his now growing cock. I came in no time at all thinking about all the fun I was going to have with my two lovers that night, the wife didn't like to join in anymore but she sure seemed to enjoy just watching. Oh well, more fun for me, I thought.

I guess the baseball game was not as interesting as me and the three of us adjourned into the bedroom to play, the wife followed. For the next five hours both boys took turns poking me with their sticks and even spit-roasted me several times (one penetrating me while I pleasured the other one with my mouth ) .

After a little while of watching the wife had gone out to the living room to sleep on the couch, but she encouraged us to continue. After all the sex we were spent and collapsed on the bed. While it felt great to be in the middle of these two studly guys, I thought our friend should go tend to his wife. I sent him out to lay with her on the couch, she woke up as he laid down and decided she wanted to go home. It was 1:30 a.m! We pleaded with them to spend the night, but she refused. But still she seemed cool about it all, even giving me a kiss on my [sticky] lips and hugging my naked sweaty body, boy i'm sure the room just reeked of sex.

We called them the week after (like we always did ), no answer. No big deal, we thought, we'll call them during the week. Again, no answer. After the second week we called them for three days straight and then tried to pay them a visit in a last ditch effort to find out what the hell was going on. It seemed they were home but didn't answer the door. My husband was furious, he told me to let them go, that we will find other coupes to play with.

While the thought of playing with other sexy couples does excite me, I miss our friends. And i'm sad that our friendship is over. My confession is that I really miss him most of all. I felt so comfortable sharing myself with him, damn I even swallowed his spunk! I miss his scent, the way he touched me, but most of all I just miss him. And she was a good friend, seemingly cool about the situation the whole time, we would go out and have fun and flirt, she was very funny and witty. I thought I had the perfect situation, guiltless, no strings attached sex! You can't help but have feelings for people you're sleeping with, and the way they decided to end things really tore my heart out, I can't even bring myself to share how I feel with my husband because I feel almost ashamed.

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