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We had an office party last Christmas. I had only worked there for a few weeks but had been chatted up a few times by Sandy, one of the sales men. The party had been going about an hour when Sandy arrived & made a Bee line for me, he said he needed some free samples from the store to show a client, I said it was party time, but he said it wouldn`t take long. I got the key & went upstairs to the store room with Sandy following. Sandy said what a great sight it was watching me going up the stairs in front of him, normally I would have been offended, but I had drank 3 glasses of wine & it was only 3 o`clock in the after noon so I was feeling a bit playful, so I lifted my skirt a couple of inches & wiggled my bum at him. I unlocked the store room & flicked the light switch but the light didn`t come on, I knew roughly where the stuff I was looking for was kept so I fumbled around for a bit. I stretched up to get it & as I did so I felt a hand gently lift my skirt up to my waist & a hand gently rub my bum, it was a shock but I was enjoying it so when a finger slipped into the leg of my panties & rubbed up & down my pussy I pushed back until the finger slipped in. I put my hand between my legs & fingered my clit until my juices were really flowing, then to my shock I felt the unmistakable feel of a hard cock rubbing along my pussy lips.

A grope was one thing but this was getting out of hand. I was about to turn round so that I could give Sandy a wank to keep him happy when I felt the head of his cock pushing between my lips & slowly his cock was filling my pussy. Nobody had ever fucked me except ian my husband & I was totally outraged, then something happened inside me somewhere & I felt a flood of juice fill my pussy & I couldn`t stop my self pushing back onto sandys cock, it wasn`t as big as my husband`s but it seemed to fill me almost as well & I held onto a shelf & whimpered as Sandy continued to what I can only describe as ride me while he pulled my hardening nipples with each hand. Suddenly I froze as I realised Sandy had both hands on my titties, so how was there a hand snaking into the top of my panties (which by now were beginning to rip as Sandy had pulled them to one side to get to my pussy), down through my pubic hair & playing with my clit. My clit was so swollen that it was being rolled between a finger & thumb, my husband loves my clit, he licks it for ages & I love it to be played with, but here was a stranger doing what my husband usually does. This thought just sent my mind into a whirl & I let go of the shelf & slowly slid to my knees, I couldn`t stop myself from starting to enjoy the fucking I was getting again, it seemed like I was being screwed for hours before Sandy came like a bull, filling my pussy with his spunk, amazingly I hadn`t even cum(probably because I was feeling guilty ) but as he pulled out of me & I went to stand up. I felt hands pushing me back down & sandy`s cock was replaced by an absolute monster, the only thing I had ever had bigger inside me was a huge vibrator we had bought for a joke on holiday in greece. I gasped as my poor pussy was stretched wide & I couldn`t help yelling out as I came, I started to cry because I was so ashamed at being bought to orgasm so quickly by a complete stranger, he kept pounding into me and to my amazement I started to cum again & begging him to keep fucking me as another shiver ran through my entire body.

A cock was suddenly thrust in face & I started to suck it like a complete slut, the way I felt now I would have done anything, I was not in control anymore. I was fucked by at least 6 guys that afternoon & I sucked 1 cock, I am so ashamed of how easily I gave in to being used by so many guys but deep down I absolutely loved it. I have asked Sandy who the other guys were but he won`t tell me, but he says that I might find out at this years party. I can`t wait.

Tasha - 51

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