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He works at night and I stay home with the kids. We rarely see each other but the sex has always been good. Lately it has been better than good. I don't know what it is. Could it be because I am turning thirty soon and want to feel sexy? Could it be that working out five days a week is making me more attractive to him? Who knows? After the children are asleep I get a well-deserved break and spend quiet time alone with my thoughts. These days the thoughts are of making love to him. Tonight I sit at the computer, surfing the net, I wait for him to get home. I fantasize about his touch while I tap away at the keyboard. With a little sigh I decide to e-mail him a quick note: wake me when you get home tonight. As I begin to fantasize again he e-mails me back: not a problem. A smile appears upon my face. I have been thinking about him all day and can't wait for him to get home. I finish my web surfing, take a bubble bath, put on his favorite nightgown and go to bed to wait for him.

He enters the dark room already hard. I am barely awake when he jostles me and pulls me halfway off of the bed. He raises my head and pulls it close to him. I can smell his desire. I can almost taste it when he pushes my head to his dick and says, you've been a bad girl and now you have to be punished. I try to tear through his clothing with my mouth but I am too willing and he did not want me to be pleased so easily. You must please me. He stated. He pulls my face away from him so that I could see his meat and long for it more. He unwraps it like a gift from his pants and lets me taste the pre-cum on the tip. It is salty and warm and just what i've been wanting. He moans quietly as my tongue gently baths his penis. I encircle the helmet with my mouth and proceed to engulf the entire organ when he pull back, so as not to orgasm too quickly. He had no idea how prepared I was for this. I have been thinking about it all day. I decide to turn the tables and torture him more. I clasp my hands around his hips and suck him in. I hold tight until I have his rod so far in my mouth and throat that I can lick his balls. This alone could make me cum. He pulls back and says with heavy breath, you're having too much fun, roll over!

Surprised by his unnatural forcefulness, I acquiesce. Bad girls need discipline, get on all fours. He snorted. I am getting a little nervous. How far could he carry this charade? While I consider this move he, without warning, grabs my hips and pulls me onto his penis. He quickly pushes me away and smacks my partially covered rear with his belt. My shock is evident as I try to crawl away but he catches me easily and flips me over and pulls halfway off the bed again. He opens my legs and buries his head into my cleanly shaven cunt. He sucks my already hardened clit as I begin to groan. He laps at my juices and probes me with his tongue and finger, bringing me closer to climax. What wonderful torture! Knowing my body the way that he does, he knows that I could come at any moment so he decides to change positions.

He gently turns me over and asks, can you handle any more? With my head face down in the pillow I nod affirmatively. I feel his lubed fingers probing my ass. He slathers his cock with his other hand. I feel him start to penetrate. Slow and steady he slides his dick in my ass and I have never wanted him more. Deeper, deeper! I shout as he tries to accommodate me. He pumps and pumps. Harder, faster! I cry, seemingly at the top of my lungs. He was working feverishly until he exclaimed, oh baby I'm about to cum! As I felt that first shot in my ass I came with him. We hold each other tightly until the orgasms are over. He pulls out and we lay still trying to catch our breath. On my way to sleep I ask him if he's been thinking about this all day. He laughs and falls asleep.

Benilda - 30

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