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I am happily married to a man but have always really gotten off easily while watching girls go at it in pornos. I have never given it much thought, although my husband gets really turned on by it. I have always been content for it to just be fantasy. Anyway, one night not long ago I was sleeping over with my friend Kristen while her husband was out of town. I started looking through her movie library for a movie we could watch and came across an unlabeled tape. So I took it out of the sleeve and saw that it was called "strap on sally" at first I wasn't sure what it was so I asked. As soon as the words came out of my mouth I realized what I had asked and was so embarrassed that I turned bright red. But she just sat there looking at me and asked if I wanted to watch it later. This should not have surprised me since I know Kristen has been with other girls before, but I was so embarrassed that I turned it down. But it was on my mind the rest of the afternoon, well, later that night we put her daughter to bed and got ready for bed ourselves, and started watching some tv. Kristen got into a long t-shirt and panties and sat at the other end of the couch and was not making any effort to cover herself with her t-shirt. I started to get a little hot and bothered and just decided to blurt out that I would like to watch that movie. So she put it in and I started to get really hot and at one point I looked over at Kristen who had her hand in her panties with her legs spread. I was so hot that I just stuck my hand down my pjs and started to play with myself. Then trista pulled her panties off and by this time I was so horny that I came that very instant. As I was coming I looked over at Kristen and she looked over at me and put one leg in the air showing me her pussy and asked me if I liked it, and I think I came again a couple of times. It was the best orgasm I think I have ever had and she didn't even have to touch me. Shortly after, Kristen came and then we though we heard her daughter wake up so we got paranoid and turned the movie off. Ever since then I have been really horny for a girl to eat me out and can't wait for my next opportunity to be alone with Kristen. I won't be so shy next time.

Sally - 38

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