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I'm a 30 something woman attorney. I work for a fairly large law firm in one of the bigger city here in the US. A lot of people come and go through our doors and I deal with all sorts of people for all sorts of reasons. I don't want to come off as 'all that', but I'm well aware that I'm very attractive. I've always had the ability to get any man I go after. That hadn't been going all that good for me for the last 3 years or so to be honest. I'd become a complete loser magnet! I'll confess something right from the start, I love sex. I need sex. I crave sex. I've done my fair share of fucking around. But the guys I was choosing always have always turned out to be complete asses! So after my last disappointment in the sack, I decided to seek out and fulfill a life long fantasy. Having nasty hot sex with another woman. That is where this story picks up.

I was in my 5th week of "seeking out" and one experience under my belt as it were. This encounter was a one night stand that didn't end real good, but it did at least give me a perspective on it all. I'd "went down" on another woman, and really enjoyed it. I definitely wanted more. So I kept looking. Adult dating sites were my easiest searches.

I'm a very feminine woman, obviously considering myself now to be bisexual. Men, no. Women, yes. I always dress very professionally, usually a skirt or pants suit. Always wearing my hair in a small bun. I usually wear comfortable dress shoes, but sometime I wear heels. If I know there might be a chance of having sex, i'll wear stocking, garter belt and sometimes yes, sometimes no on the panties. It just makes me feel so sexy! Last week I was dressed in a red skirt suit with heels and stockings. We were doing depositions on a case and I sat in on one with a very attractive female patrol officer. She was gorgeous! The first thing that came to mind was "wow, she looks just like kat Cora, the iron chef! " (I later found out she gets that all the time! ) as I was (what I thought ) casually checking her out, she caught me. She smiled very mischievously at me and winked. I think I turned red as a beet. After the deposition was over our little group went their separate ways. The officer was coming back in 4 days for more pre-trial bull shit and I had decided before that meeting broke I was going to ask her out. When we all left I went down the hall towards our break / kitchen area for a cup of espresso for the ride home. Already there, my officer was finishing her latte' concoctions and she looked up and our eyes met again and she smiled the most beautiful smile at me and said "hello."

"hello," I said almost coy-like "that looks yummy, what is it? " I asked. "my own concoction, very tasty, would you like me to make you one? " she asked. "yes, please." "you’re officer Bennett, right? " I asked as she mixed my coffee. "yes, please, call me Jackie. " she said without looking up. "i'm Jessie, it's a pleasure to meet you. " and I held out my hand. Both jackie's hands were occupied so she bent over and lightly kissed my hand. "the pleasures all mine" Jackie said.

She presented me with my tall cappuccino / espresso thing-a-ma-jig and proudly said "so, there ya go." I picked it up and took a sip. "mmmm, very good, thank you!" She nonchalantly looked around the room, we were alone. "so, Jessie. . . Do you have any plans for dinner tonight? If not, I know a great steak house on the west side. . .?"

I took another sip of my coffee and contemplated her question. My heart was racing. Omg, she was gorgeous! In her patrol uniform she looked so sexy! Granted, I'm a very sexual person, even when I'm not in a relationship, and I haven't been in one of those for well over six years. I'm a very good trial attorney. I've been doing it for over 11 years now. I've won more than I've lost. Point is, I know how to read people. It's what I do. I've been trained to do so. Well, most police officers have had the same training I have. But any fool could see what was going on in that kitchen, no special training needed.

"steak sound wonderful! Yes, I'd love to join you for dinner Jackie. " I said with a prideful beaming smile.She smiled back just as big and said "well, I'm officially off duty..."

"so am I. I was just about to drive home."

"why don't you follow me to my house, about 2 mile from here, i'll change and we'll head out to the longhorn."

"the longhorn?? " I asked.

"yeah, that's the name of the restaurant, bar. Great steaks! " Jackie said. All the way to jackie's house my heart was racing. I was completely shocked that this was happening. I've felt this panicky sensation several times in court and managed a cool demeanor; i'll do the same with this. "let's just wait and see... " I kept telling myself.

She had a beautiful little house. We went in and it was just as nice on the inside. I complemented her on her taste as she quickly flipped through her mail. She picked up the tv remote and clicked on the set and handed me the controller.

"this won't take long, i'll be out in just a few."

She disappeared into her bedroom and shut the door. Her set was already tuned to fox news, so I set the remote down and sipped my coffee.

After about 5 minutes, jackie's bedroom door comes swinging open and Jackie quickly enters the living-room, still in full patrol uniform with gun and utility belt, and walks right to where I was sitting, picks up the remote and turns off the set.

"stand up." she says sternly

"what the fuck Jackie? " I asked rather puzzled.

"stand up! " she said very angrily as she bent over in my face. Her expression was very stern and commanding. I stood up. She grabbed me by the arm and guided me to an empty wall and pushed me face first into it. "against the wall! Hands high and wide! Spread your legs! " she ordered in rapid succession. I was in a thigh high skirt and heels for christ sake, "what the fuck is her problem?! " I was thinking to myself. My heart was racing wildly! "oh shit! I've got two joints in my purse! " I remembered.

She slowly pushed me almost flush with the wall, her forearm in the small of my back. She came in very close and said huskily in my ear "i said to spread your fucking legs. " and with that she raised my skirt up to almost my waist and forced my legs wider with her thigh.

The bell in my head finally went off as to what was happening.

"i can't go out with you until I've assessed if your safe or not. Are you concealing any weapons? Any drugs or needles? " she asked.

"no officer. " I responded.

"i'm going to have to search you councilor, do you consent?"

"y y yes. " I stammered. Half acting, half not. My heart was indeed racing, but in a completely different way now. I could feel wetness beginning between my legs.

"good for you... " she said then slowly she squatted down behind me. "stay right how you are, don't move. " and I felt her hands slowly slide down my legs, and then back up again. My skirt was around my hips and my french cut panties and garter belt were on complete display. Jackie whispered "n I c e, v e r y n I c e. " she slowly stood up running her hands up my legs and grabbing a butt cheek in each hand. I felt her face come in really close to my neck and ear. Her breathing was just as heavy as mine. One of her hands moved between my legs and moved slowly forward to my cloth clad, very moistening pussy. She began running her middle finger between it's lips. Her other hand moved around front of me and found one of my silk covered breasts. She caressed and fondled it, then the other. Her fingers found the under-wire of my bra.

"what's this?! " she demanded.

"that's my under-wire bra officer. " I said sarcastically.

"put your hands on the back of your head! " and with that she pulled one of my hands from the wall and placed it on the back of my head. I heard a shuffle of leather then felt a handcuff clip around my wrist. She repeated the maneuver with my other hand. I was cuffed with my hands behind my back. She held on to both my hands and held them still and moved her crotch to where I could feel the bulge in her pants. Yes, the bulge in her pants. She had an enormous erection! Obviously she was now wearing a strap on dildo under her uniform. That's what she was doing in the bedroom. . . I rubbed her cock through the cotton pants. . . Oh my god, she was hung like a porn star! "turn around! " she ordered.

Officer Bennett and I are pretty much the same height. She's maybe 10 or 15 pound heavier than I though. (all lean hard sculpted muscle ) we stood face to face, just a few inches apart. "you can't be too safe. . . Could be a needle" she said, then quickly smiled and winked and went all stone faced again. As she slowly unbuttoned my blouse, she said "i think a closer inspection is warranted" and she continued one slow button at a time. My shirt fell open and she un-tucked it from my skirt. My bra is a front clasping type and she slowly un-clasped it and opened it wide completely exposing my breasts. Sweat was beginning to build on my upper lip, forehead and chest. As my breast exposed, Jackie leaned foreword and we kissed. A long, passionate, steamy, open mouth kiss. Dear god it was simply the best kiss I had ever had! As we kissed she slowly massaged my breasts. My breasts: most definitely my "on" switch. Foreplay: pinch, suck and nibble my nipples, I'm yours! God it turns me on! In one fast move Jackie squats down and slides my panties off and I step out of them. Standing back up to face me she commanded "get on your knees! " I slowly knelt to my knees and rested my bare bottom on my ankles. Jackie slowly unzipped her pants and reached inside and pulled out her 'cock'. It was a good 9 inches long! (it was the most incredibly life like dildo I had ever felt! ) "open that pretty little mouth of your councilor" she ordered. I obeyed and slowly opened my mouth.As she moved forward and I took the head into my mouth, she grabbed both sides of my head and gave a little shake and I looked up she said "s u c k. . . Suck, my cock. . . " and I began sucking her cock. It felt so damn real! ! ! With my eyes shut I couldn't tell the difference!

Side bar: I am very proud at how well I suck cock. One of the very best things about sex with men is sucking their cocks and having them cum in my mouth. I've never had a man that lasted any more than 5 minutes in my mouth. I am very proficient in the art of deep throating. He cums down my throat, in my mouth or on my face, I'm good with any or all of those choices. It simply turns me on like crazy!

So, there I am on my knees in front of this police officer. My panties are off, my jacket is half way down my arms, my blouse and bra are wide open leaving my breast completely exposed. I've been sucking her cock for several minutes now and my knees are wide apart, my back arched. She is stroking my hair as I'm giving her head. She stops me and I look up. My lips and chin are covered in saliva. "can you deep throat? " she asks. "yes" I whisper.

"open wide then. Show me. " and holding my head still I feel her push the shaft to the back of my mouth nice and slowly. Then back out. Slowly back in to the back of my mouth. "that's it, open wide and show me. . . " I repositioned myself slightly and let her slide back in. This time I opened my sword swallowing throat and let the entire shaft sink down my throat. Jackie pulled back out then pushed it back in completely. A loud sloshing / slurping sound came out of my mouth. We both groaned at the whorish sound of it. She pushed it deep and held it. I inhaled deeply, my nose buried between the fly of her pants. Her aroma was definitely not that of a man. Although I was loving what was being done to me, I could not wait to eat this woman's pussy! My own pussy was sopping wet, I could feel the moisture beginning to leak out of my gaping vagina.

Jackie was holding my head still from the sides while she fucked my throat. I was looking up at her as she worked and lustfully gazed back at me. The sloshing and slurping sound were happening quite a lot now accentuated by my occasional grunt and groans. With one final grunt from Jackie she really slammed her cock deep down my throat and held it there and pretended to cum. I dunno, maybe she really did cum, she certainly seemed to. I do what I normally do and begin swallowing. Normally thick cum is being squirted down my throat and it's bitter warm tastes is like an aphrodisiac to me. Yeah, that's what I need when I get into a state like this, an aphrodisiac! The lack of real seaman didn't have any effect on my arousal level. I was as turned on as I've ever been! Jackie helped me to my feet. We kissed passionately as she backed me up to her kitchen table and hoisted me into a sitting position on it. I opened my legs wide and she stepped between them. Reaching down between us, she guided that beautiful cock to my gaping wet pussy. Supporting myself with my hands behind me, I nuzzled and bit at her neck as she slowly penetrated me. With one of her hands on the back of my head and the other in the small of my back we opened our mouths and our tongues danced the lustful dance while she fucked me like I've never been fucked before! It was incredible! I came so hard! It took only a few minutes, and when I did it was very vocal. My juices poured from my vagina.

"take these fucking handcuffs of me! " I growled. Jackie pulled out of me and quickly retrieved a key from her belt. She helped me down from the table and turned me around and unlocked the cuffs. I swung around and pushed her backwards and ordered her to "take off that fucking utility belt! " she did and I pushed her into a sitting position on the sofa. Her fly was still opened and her cock still at full attention. She still had her pants and shoes on as well as her shirt, tee shirt and bra. I hoisted my skirt back around my waist and climbed on top of my officer. I tore off my jacket, shirt and bra and tossed it on the tiled floor. I was now hovering above her. I reached between us and guided her cock once again inside me. As it slipped in we kissed. "oh y e a h. . . Fuck me! Suck my tits and fuck me! " I brought my breast to her face and cuddled her head as her lips went from breast to breast. "make me cum again and then lets get in the shower, huh? " I asked. Without taking my nipple from her mouth, she agreed. I rode her a few more minutes and had another wonderful orgasm.

As we made our way to the bathroom we stripped off our remaining clothes. As she began to run the water, I sat on the toilet to take care of some pressing business (if you know what I mean ) . As I did my business, Jackie stepped into the shower and began without me. I hurried as fast as I could and quickly entered the shower. Jackie was just finishing lathering her strap on and rinsing it. It was a very nice set up. Sort of a latex panty with the mount there in front. "take this off. " I said referring to her dildo. Jackie pulled it down and stepped out of it and said "i'm so glad to see that you're shaved Jessie. I hate pubic hair! " officer bennett’s pussy was also cue ball bald.

"me too! " as we kissed. I hadn't noticed, but when she stepped out of her strap on panties, she also removed a vibrating egg that had been on the inside. The orgasms she had had were real! We kissed, fondled and lathered under the warm steamy water. It was so damn erotic! I eventually confessed my secrets to her. “i’ve only went down on one other woman before. That was about 2 weeks ago. And she didn’t do all that much for me. . . You on the other hand. . . You are rocking my world! I can not wait to get my face between your beautiful thighs officer Bennett! ” and we kissed. I continued. “when i’m done eating your pussy, I want you put your cock back on and. . . And. . . I want you to fuck me in the ass!”

“oh really? You like it in the butt do you? ” she asked with a devilish grin.

“like? No. Love would be more descriptive” I moaned as our lips came together yet again.

Once out of the shower we quickly dried and moved to the bed. The sun was just setting and filled the bedroom with this beautiful golden glow. I had my first good look at jackie’s remarkable body. She noticed I was gawking and lustfully smiling and she struck a sexy pose. “you like? ” she asked, then changed poses. After striking several model poses, I patted the bed next to me for her to join me. I laid her back and seductively climbed on top of her. I wasted no time with the kissing and moved quickly down her neck, chest (beautiful breasts! ) to her 6 pack belly. Oh my god what a body! Lean, mean and chiseled. As I moved down, Jackie opened her legs and I repositioned myself between them. What a beautiful sight this was before me. I bent over and opened my mouth and engulfed her entire vagina with a french kiss. I parted her lips with my tongue and quickly found her clit. I couldn’t seem to lick or suck it fast enough. She moaned “slow down baby, slow down…that’s it. . . Y e a h, that’s it. . . ” I wanted to make her cum so bad. About 2 or 3 minutes into it, she did just that. It was awesome! When she finished I went in for seconds. . . And then thirds and fourths. I went down on her like i’d been doing it my whole life. After 20 minutes or so she pulled my head up and sat up and we kissed. My mouth and chin were covered with her juice. She licked it from my chin. Jumping out of bed, she said “i’ll be right back. ” she soon was back with a tube of lubricant. She tossed it on the bed side table and stepped back into her latex panties and dildo. Jackie climbed back into bed and we switched positions, with me on my back and her hovering over the top of me. She worked her way down my body. She soon found her way between my wide open thighs and went to work. “ohhh, i’ve been waiting for this moment too!. . . I love eating pussy jess! ” and with that she began. I could go into a bunch of detail about how amazing she was, but I won’t. I don’t have a good enough vocabulary to explain the wondrous orgasmic heights she took me to. I don’t remember how many orgasms I had. Jackie was insatiable with her passion for my pussy and my complete satisfaction. After I don’t know how many orgasms I hear her tell me “roll over. Flat on your tummy. ” I did as she commanded, legs and knees together. “spread your beautiful legs for me. ” I did. “move back and come up onto your knees. . . That’s it. Put your head and shoulders back down on the mattress. . . Arch that back. . .”

I felt her move in behind me. She was going to take me doggie style, or so I thought. I felt both her hands caressing my bottom which was up high in the air completely exposed. “your ass is so goddamn gorgeous councilor! ” and with that she slapped one of my cheeks causing me to yelp a bit. She bent over and spread my cheeks apart and I felt her tongue explore the crack of my butt. Soon it found it’s mark. Oh sweet heaven! ! !

Side bar: I don’t know if this is considered slutty or not. I guess i’ve had m a y b e 100 lovers in my sexual life. Only one of them has been another woman. Pretty much all of them went down on me. I’d also guess that 25% of them were any good at it. 5% were awesome. (the one other woman was in this 5% ) . None of them were even close to officer Jackie Bennett! Of those 100 lucky souls who’ve had the pleasure of fucking me, only 4 have tongued my bottom. And all 4 quit way too soon.

Not only did Jackie tongue punch my ass hole (have I told you what an amazingly long and strong tongue she has?! ) but she also inserted her middle finger into my vagina and found my g-spot and continuously rubbed it while she worked! I always masturbate when i’m getting ass fucked. . . Always. She was taking care of that while she loosened me up for our next stage. Left with two free hands, I pinched and twisted my nipples as she did her magic. Once again, I lost track of my orgasms. (not that that really matters, but i’ve usually been able to count them. If a guy couldn’t / can’t give me at least 4 or 5, I consider them lame fucks. Sorry ) .

Jackie came to a breathless stop and rested her head on the top of my ass and began slowly stroking my thighs. “i think somebody’s ready to get ass fucked. . . ” she said after catching her breath.

“oh god yeah. I am so ready. . . Yes please officer Bennett, fuck me in my ass! ) I whimpered.

She leaned over and grabbed the tube of lubricant from the bedside table. I heard it spurt into her fingers, then felt those very same fingers gently work the goo inside me as Jackie softly hummed a tune. I felt her climb into position behind me. She began rubbing the small of my back with one hand and softly telling me to “relax. . . Just relax. . . Trust me. . . ” and then I felt the head of her cock begin to penetrate me. The head slipped in without any resistance. She held it there for a few moments and cooed “mmmm, that’s it. . . N I c e” and then in one long and ever so slow motion, she began to enter me. Once completely mounted and penetrated, she once again held the large dildo in place and began lovingly massaging my back and butt. “how’s that feel? Are you alright?”

“oh my god, i’m in heaven. . . Do me. Fuck my ass!”

Just as with the way she ate me, the way she ass fucked me was indescribable! It was without a doubt the best ever sex I have ever had. Bar none. When the position allowed, she would masturbate me. If it wouldn’t work, then I masturbated myself. Even though I lost track of the times I came, I do know that none of my previous lovers ever came close to what I was experiencing with Jackie! A few times in the past i’ve had ejaculatory orgasms, which are really something. I had many such orgasms with Jackie in less then 3 hours! I soon began to feel guilty about her working so hard to please me. (and please me she did, lemme tell ya! ) I had her lay on her back and helped her out of her latex panties. Her little vibrating egg fell out onto the mattress. She was soppy, gooey wet! As I bent down to eat her she stopped me and said she wanted to dry her pussy off first. I wouldn’t have it! I was so thirsty for her lovely nectar I could hardly contain myself! I leaned over and she reluctantly spread her legs. I opened my mouth and once again french kissed her pussy, this time it was a sopping honey hole. I sucked and drank as though I was dying of thirst! It was heavenly! I loved every second of it. I absolutely love making her cum, the taste of her womanhood is still in my mouth. . . Not from that night! That was 2 nights ago. I’m talking about 30 minutes ago when I took a break from writing this story and took her to the sofa not 5 feet away from where i’m writing all this. She was reading what I was writing over my shoulder. She began kissing and biting my neck and I couldn’t take it any longer so I took her to the couch and ate her pussy and made her cum, twice. She ate me and now i’m finishing this story.

Yes, she and I are now officially an item. The last 3 days have been filled with the very best sex I have ever had. She is amazing! I think I might be in love. We are now seeking a guy to join us to give the real thing to us both.


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