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horny milf

I am dating mr nice guy, but I want to roleplay, and I want to be hurt. I want my boyfriend to tie my hands behind my back, gag me, tie my legs wide apart, and force his big dick into me hard!

Everytime we fuck, while my boyfriend is on top of me being such a sweet guy, all I am thinking about everything I wish he would do, and all of it is so sick, I know, but I can't help it. He is not very creative in bed, but he is much bigger than me and his cock is huge-long and very thick-and I love how it hurts me when we fuck, though I could never, ever tell him it hurt, or he'd probably be too embarrassed to ever fuck me again! I have found that it is even better when I sneak a small towel and dry off a little before he enters me; I love feeling his big dick pushing and pushing, as he inches his way in, and by the time he gets all the way in, I am soaking wet again! Now if I could just convince him to get a little rough with me (not going to happen! ), make me suck him while he takes the towel and dries me off, even pushes it up in me a little.

Then tie me, gag me, and tell me what a bad girl I am and how bad he's going to hurt me while he pushes in deeper and deeper, spreading me so wide that I can't help but scream into my gag! I also think about trying to at least ask if he would wear a cock ring (not that he ever would probably, but... ); he'd be almost too big to even get in then, without a lot of lube and force... Ohhh... Poor little me... Shouldn't have been such a bad girl... I love it when he finger fucks me, too; now that he does almost perfectly! He has big hands and fingers, and he starts out with one, then adds another, and a few times now I have begged him to give me a third and he did, now if I could only beg him enough for a fourth that he would give that to me, too! Three hurts a little, especially if he is doing it a certain way, and I can only imagine how four could make me cry for real!

One time a few months ago, we were on his couch making out, and with no asking, warning, or anything (rare for him), he slid his hand into my panties and started playing with me. I had been thinking of all kinds of sick things, like how badly I wanted him to pin me down on the couch and force that long candle on his table up in me while I cried and begged him not to, and hurt me with it for a while before he went at me with his cock, so I was very wet, and that turned him on a lot! So while he is telling me he loves me and slowly giving me one of his fingers, I beg for a second and get it. A little bit later, I beg for a third, and I get that, too! By then I was sucking him (trying to, at least), and in the position I was in, his fingers were stretching me sideways, and I enjoyed how they hurt with each thrust; I fantasized that he was punishing me, making me suck him while he was going to put one finger in at a time, fucking me and stretching me open until he could force his whole hand inside me and fist fuck me (which would probably kill me in real life, his hands are so big, but that's what fantasies are for! ). I was so turned on, I just wish I could have been able to beg him no and scream and cry for real! No worries, though- in real life, we get along wonderfully, he has always been nothing but loving and gentle (much to my distress at times! ), and I do love him, I just wish he were more creative and perverted, at least that he would pin my wrists down in bed sometimes!

Marina - 37

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