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big tit milf

We had discussed swinging over a long period of time and eventually decided to go for it. We decided to start off with a 3some to see if Becky liked it before proceeding further. John turned up at the appointed time and we drank and chatted for a few hours before Becky after flirting and flashing her panties asked if anyone wished to join her in the bedroom.

We both picked up our drinks and followed Becky into the bedroom where she sat on the bed with a short skirt on and her legs slightly apart and revealing her black panties. We sat either side of her talking as she revealed a little more and I decided to get the thing going by stroking her leg. Becky leaned back and let out low noises of pleasure as I lifted her skirt up and gently rubbed her thighs and allowed John a better view. I moved my hands up to her breasts and started unfastening her partly open blouse and john's hand replaced mine on her thigh. I watched becky's face as his hand touched her thigh and she gave a gasp of pleasure as he slowly moved his way to her black panties. I worked on removing her blouse and feeling her breasts through her low cut black bra. John worked his way upto her panties and started to stroke her pussy through the silky material as Becky reacted by laying back and moaning softly. John pulled the crotch of becky's black panties to one side and started to finger her and rub on her clitty as I released her breasts and sunk my teeth into her now hard nipples. John then moved over and started to lick becky's pussy as she undid john's belt and and undid his trousers to get let his cock spring loose. Becky released his cock from his trousers and squeezed it and gently pulled it back and forth until it started to dribble precum. She then undid my belt and eased my trousers off as John removed his shirt. Becky took hold of my cock in one hand and john's in the other as we continued to tease and caress her. She then moved down and took john's cock into her mouth and sucked him and then when he came close to orgasm she would switch over to my cock and then back again.

Becky came a few times from being licked and fingered and then opened her legs up wide and lifted her knees off the bed and asked who wanted to fuck her first. John looked at me and I nodded to him that he could take the first turn. John needed no further encouragement and climbed in between becky's legs and lined his cock up with the entrance to becky's gaping wet pussy. I saw the tip nudge her pussy entrance and the disappear inside of her as she moaned that his cock felt good inside her. John slowly pushed in deeper, probing her further and further as Becky had many climaxes arching her back and shuddering violently with each one. John started hammering into Becky for all he was worth as I told him to fuck her, fuck her hard and give it to her. This made John and Becky go wild and I heard John gush his huge load of spunk deep into becky's wanton pussy. Becky reached another climax as soon as she felt John unload into her and screamed out loud enough to wake up the whole neighborhood. John peeled himself off Becky and after getting her breath back for a moment she straddled me, my throbbing cock penetrating her spunk soaked pussy as it oozed and dribbled over me. It wasn't long before I was also unloading my spunk into my slut wife who loved every minute of taking two cocks one after another. We now see John about once a month and each time we try different things out. Becky wants to try double penetration next time. If we do it, I will send her to confess herself.

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