Topless Mom

topless mom

I discovered masturbation years ago and used to cum three or four times a day. Recently I decided to go for that again. I had the house to myself all day long today, so I started off with a steamy shower where I tried for my first orgasm. I laid down in the bathtub and let the water hit my pussy as I spread my lips open. It got me pretty aroused, but I usually can't get an orgasm without using my fingers, and I couldnt' get them in very well because the water had washed away all of the juices from my pussy. So I turned off the water and poured baby oil all over my clit and inside me... It felt really good, and even better when I plunged my fingers in there. I stroked my clit and my g-spot and moaned as loud as I could. I love the way the moaning echoes in the bathroom. I squeezed my thighs and humped the bathtub as I imagined my friend eating me out and I got really close but still coudln't cum. Now I was getting frusturated, so I started looking on the internet for erotica and porn. I spent most of the day reading erotica, and now I can finally feel myself just about to cum... Oh yeah... Hope you have as much fun with this as I'm having...

Meg - 44