I work in a department store where we employ a lot of young casual workers, students etc. Because I had an affair with one of our managers I got stuck with a bit of a reputation as someone who liked cock. He used to call his cock 'Jane's lipstick remover' some of the other guys used to ask me why I always had fresh lipstick on after going to his office. He got transferred when someone told his wife about us. Anyway, back to the confession. One of the young casuals was about to get married and all the young guys at work were preparing for his bucks night. On the night of the bucks night I recieved a phone call saying that there were a couple of my female workmates at the bar where the party was and would I like to come and have a drink with them all. My husband said he did'nt mind me going and told me to have a good time. When I arrived I found that I was the only female there. I was told some of the others were on their way. I was soon getting more drinks than I could handle given to me. They soon had me in the middle of the dance floor and I must have danced with all of them which was about 20. They stood around in a circle and my bum and tits were grabbed, pulled and slapped so many times, they were getting sore.

One of the senior guys from work who was there took me outside to have a "chat and a bit of a rest" as he put it. He took me to the rear of the bar where the empty barrels were and told me to sit down. He then told me the real reason I was invited. When jeremy the future groom was asked by all his workmates what he wanted for a wedding present he told them he would love a head job from jane, me. I was abit shocked but also very tipsy and next thing I knew, jeremy was standing in front of me with a very stiff and not bad looking cock in his hand.

I think I managed to say no before he grabbed my hair and pulled me onto his cock. He forced it into my mouth and started to pump my face like a he would a pussy. After a while he stopped and with his hard cock in my mouth started to talk to me. He was telling me that all the guys said I was a horny bitch and a slut who loved cock. He said that there were stories on the toilet walls about me taking 2 cocks at a time and that I loved the taste of young guys cum. Some of it was true and this young guy with his cock in my mouth was turning me on!! I started to suck very slowly and he did'nt have to force me anymore. I wanted to give him the best head job he ever had before his wedding. He was standing in between my legs and I pulled my skirt up to my hips so he could get closer, I started to rub my pussy against his leg. He told me to finger fuck myself while I sucked his lovely cock. I had to pull my tights and panties down but it felt so nice with my exposed pussy in the fresh air. I started to play with myself with one hand while holding this beautiful cock to my mouth with the other. It was the flash from a mobile phone that let me know we was'nt alone, some of the other guys were taking photos on their phones!! I did'nt want to stop and jeremy would'nt let my hair go anyway. He turned my head towards them and told me to look up and gave them all the cum shot for their cameras with me looking straight at them. He wiped his cock all over my face and told me to keep fingering myself untill I cum as well. It didn't take long because I was so turned on. So were a couple of the other guys, the randy sods were wanking themselves. I felt one cum over my legs and another one shot his load over my clothes.

I never got an invite to the wedding but that week in work all the guys were telling me that it was the best wedding present they'd seen and they had the photo's to prove it. Some of the young unmarried guys have already told me they want their cocks sucked when they get married and the married guys are asking for head jobs as birthday presents.

Jane - 44

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