Soccer Mom

soccer mom

I was holidaying in tunisia and on the last day went for a massage in the hotel spa. I was feeling very good about myself, very tanned, silky smooth skin, and as always aroused by the sun. I lay on my front and enjoyed a very professional experience while my legs, back and shoulders were massaged. I did think his fingers reached rather close to my slit when he got to the top of my thighs though!

Anyway I turned over and didn't bother to cover my tits with the towel, they had been exposed for the last two weeks anyway so it seemed a bit silly. His hands stroked my feet and slid up my legs and caressed my inner thighs, again edging ever closer to my cunt, which was getting more and more wet. He then pushed down my tight and ineffectual bikini bottoms until the litle bit of remainng pubes were on display and then, with slippery oil covered fingers rubbed my swollen clit until I had a wonderful orgasm, helped by me playing wth my, by now, erect nipples. Wonderful!!

Julianne - 41