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When I was 21 I was working as a temp at an accountants office and was invited to one of the other girls birthdays parties. Many of the other girls from the office came with dates but I had just recently broken up with my boyfriend and was single again. I sat at the party drinking wine and champagne and had not really noticed the time pass by and the others start to leave. Very soon there was only me and Ellie, the birthday girl still there. I'd never really spoken a lot to Ellie as she worked in the typists pool in the adjacent office but we soon found we had a great deal in common in life and love. Ellie had left her boyfriend 2 months before her birthday. We soon got to talking about my boyfriend who dumped me and a mixture of emotion and wine made me pour my heart out to Ellie as I wept. Ellie put her arm on my shoulder to comfort me and I hugged her as I felt very emotional. Ellie soothed me by stroking my hair and lightly rubbing my shoulder. I looked up at Ellie and felt the desire to kiss her and started to move my lips towards hers. Ellie also began to do the same, but both of us at the same instant realised what we were doing and pulled away quickly. We moved apart feeling a little embarrassed as we both mubled apologies and Ellie said just forget about it and let's have another drink. After a few more drinks we were getting sleepy and I said that I had better make tracks for home. Ellie reminded me that I had drunk far too much to drive home and said I could sleep it off and go home in the morning. I thought about the event of earlier and told Ellie that I was not sure what had come over me but I had actually wanted to kiss her. Ellie said that she had also felt the same thing and had wondered what it would have been like. Curiousity got the better of me and I said well you wonder what it would have been like and so do I and the only way to find out is to try it. Encouraged by the mood of the moment and the wine I moved towards Ellie and moved my lips towards her lips and we kissed tentatively at first and then kissed each other fully. I felt ellie's hands run down off my shoulders and briefly stroke my breasts, I shuddered with pleasure at the sensation it gave me and thrust my breasts out to give Ellie better access and to let her know I was eager for more. Her hands now ran freely over my breasts and erect nipples and I ran my hands over her breasts as she undid my white cotton blouse and undid my bra. She took my exposed breasts into her mouth one by one and sucked gently on each nipple sending ripples of pleasure right down to my pussy which by now was getting very wet. I followed Ellie's lead and did the same to her breasts which were a little fuller than mine. Ellies hands began to caress over my stomach and my legs started to part to give her further access to me. Ellie took the hint and stroked my inner thigh and slowly slid her hand up my skirt and sliiped her hands into my panties. I nearly came on the spot as Ellie got down onto her knees and and hoisted up my skirt and began to lick at me slowly and then more feverishly until I came with the most earth shattering orgasm that I had ever had. I think I passed out after that as the next I remember was waking up in bed next to Ellie in the morning. We repeated the events of the night before, only this time I gave Ellie back the pleasure she had given me. Ellie got promoted not long after that and moved to one of the other offices about a hundred miles away. Sadly I never saw Ellie again after she left but I will always remember that night as long as I live.

Janine - 39

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