Naked Mom

naked mom

A guy that I dated in high school was always trying to get in my pants, and since I was trying to be a good little church girl, I wouldn't let him, even though I would have loved it! Anyway, one night we were parked in his pickup and had been kissing and making out - we were both so horny. He wanted me to suck his dick, and I wouldn't. Finally, I guess he couldn't take it anymore, and he got out of the truck, took his dick in his hand and wanked it hard and fast. I was spell-bound, I had never seen anything so hot! The look of desperation on his face was incredible. Finally, he came - all over the grass.

Now, I frequently ask my husband to jack off for me, and he knows that I love it. There is just something so primal that it sends me into orbit. I love masturbating to images in my head of guys doing that.

Beth - 31