Flashing Mom

flashing mom

When I was nineteen, I wanted to study aboroad in the us, but I didnt really consider it until one of my freinds said he would do it with me. That fall I left for my semester abroad. Althogh I was in a co-ed dorm Alex wasn't in the same dorm as he. But we did spend a lot of time together, sometimes we would get together in the afternoons to study together in an empty classroom.

One afternoon, when I was waitting for him. My mind started to wonder and soon I was thinking about his hands, and how I liked he feel of them on me I closed my eyes and saw him leaning over me hands dwn my blousse. I imagined his fingers in my panties while my hands slid up my thighs, past Te hem of the short skirt I was wearing and into the wetness in my little black thong. I felt the my stiffened clitoris, soon my fingers were moving preety fast, then I heard footsteps. I quickly straightend myself up. Alex walked in with an apologetic smile and said sorry I kept you waiting I was.. Um.. Finishing up my paper. Too disoriented to question I just shook my head. He sat down next to me and we began to study.

Every once in a while, he would look at my cleavage, pretend he had been reading and involuntaryly lick his lips. I dont know what made me doo it but I leaned over and whispered, "What's on your mind" and no doubt without thinking he said, "Sex".

Before he could correct his slip up, I said,"Me too, I'm so horny!"

His mouth dropped, then he seemed to recover and said, "The real reason why I was late was because I was beating off"

I said, "Really? " and put my hand on his thigh, "what were you thinking about? "

He said, "You!" grabing my hand as I asked him if it had helped.

He told me it had a little but he still had something he needed help with as he brought my hand from his thigh to his crotch. I ran my hand along his crotch carressing his arousal, before I unziped hip pants, moaning when the 9 inch arousal came into view. That was when he told em he had wanted me for the last five years!

Upon seeing my effect on him, I wanted to do more. I lowerd my face to his crotch and took him in my my mouth. The next thing I knew I was sitting up in a table, his mouth sucking my nipples and his hand fingering my already dripping pussy. He'd sliped off my panties and slipped into me. I felt stretched by him and he whispered, your so tight. I wrapped my legs around his waist as his tempo became increasingly more vigerous. I could hear footsteps in the hallway as well as the little smacking noise that was coming from his balls hitting me, I bit my bottom lip so I didn't scream. But a moan ended up escaping as my orgasm hit me. Then looking into my eyes, he gave into his orgasm with a low groan and I felf the warmth inside me.

As footsteps approached, he zipped his pants and sat back down. As I was about to get off the table he grabbed my ankle and told me to wait before he lowerd his face inbetween my legs. I protested a little reminding him that someone was coming but he wouldn't stop. Instead he thrust his tongue deeper into my slit. It wasn't long before my body gave in and I reached another orgasm.

Afterwards he pulled me down to strattle his thighs, my skirt bunched aroun my waist as the door opened and a janitor peered in! I hid my face in his neck, he stood me up I fixed my skirt, we grabbed our books and ran out. My husand Alex and I look back at that day and laugh all the time and I always say at least we're not looking back and regretting.

Linda - 33

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